Senegal’s secret shame

Senegal’s secret shame

By: Sarah Mac Dougall. This experience was bizarre mainly due to the stark contrast between the depictions of conservative Islamic leaders and the multi-leveled, ironic, explicit American song about sex. Yet, this scenario illustrates a larger paradox in Senegalese society. Young people in Senegal are all about America. While they might disprove of Americans, American politics, and American global attitudes, American music, American clothing, and American movies are prevailingly popular. The issue is that stereotypically modern American culture comes with a lot of sexuality. American movies are sexual, American songs are sexual, Americans dress fairly provocatively, etc. However, despite how much these cultural elements are embraced in Senegal, the overwhelmingly Muslim population will very clearly and definitively tell you that they do not approve of promiscuity, marriage without the purpose of having children, or homosexuality.

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In Senegal, the percentage of the population reporting itself as Islamic grew from an issue dating from colonial times when Islamic instruction was seen as a.

But no, not really. Though the title of the series focuses on the mistress, the content is equally divided across the lives of the four other female characters who in their own right are multifaceted representations of contemporary urban Senegalese women. Much has been made about the pleonasm in the series title. JAMRA accuses the film of perverting the morals of young people.

Since , Senegalese television have gradually severed ties with South American novellas in favor of locally produced serials. In Senegal, Islam is often heralded as the monitor of all behaviors regardless of the fact that the republic is not an Islamic one and has a secular constitution. The outrage seems to be about an unmarried woman owning her sexual freedom.

The real problem is that the producer is a woman, and the female characters are not like the ones Senegalese audience have been seeing. It is easy to say that a telefilm is corrupting the morality of young people when in Senegal children have unfiltered access to the internet where they are privy to indecent content including pornography.

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I am an English man who has been in love with a Senegalese woman for 2 years. I wish to marry her one day but there are problems. She is still married to a Wolof man from whom she is separated. She does not love him but says it is difficult for them to divorce. She revisits Dakar every 2 or 3 years and visits her father and grown up daughter.

The husband is a neighbour and next time she visits I am afraid he will steal her passport she is a French citizen or at least try to stop her from seeing me.

vention. Senegal has involved Muslim leaders in its prevention campaign for over Mbaran is the Wolof word for dating two or more people simultaneously. For.

Parting a sea of bystanders and inquiring fans, a man with the air of a rock star strode into the Sen TV studios, in Dakar, Senegal. Inside, he silenced his four cellphones and sat in front of the green screen, a massive Quran displayed prominently before him, and got ready to hold forth for his audience, out there in TV land.

The tele imams perch on talk-show couches and yell through headsets on raucous communal radio debates. Brash, charismatic and omnipresent, Ndao and his brethren compete for souls and ears. For now, the conversation has stayed in line with the historically peaceful and tolerant Sufi strain of Islam that dominates this 94 percent Muslim country. Still, analysts puzzle over the trend and worry about the possibility of radical infiltrators, especially given the clashes with extremists in other parts of West Africa.

Recent years have seen democratic consolidation and a gradual loosening of media restrictions, providing tele imams a chance to reach far beyond the bounds of their masjids. A female tech works the sound booth as an all-male panel of religious leaders discusses whether women should have access to contraception.

Senegal: A Muslim world apart from others

DAKAR, Senegal — The 19th-century sword rests in a glass case alongside a frail Quran in a spacious gallery where scrolls hang from the wall and soft religious chanting is piped in. Its leather sheath rests nearby. The sword belonged to Omar Saidou Tall, a prominent Muslim spiritual leader in the s in what is now modern-day Senegal. His quest to conquer nearby territories put him in armed conflict with France, which had its own takeover ambitions.

For example, Muslims will celebrate Christmas Eve and Catholics will participate in the Muslim Tabaski Festival. In the workplace, you may notice someone.

Women in Senegal have a traditional social status as shaped by local custom and religion. The traditional division of labour in Senegal saw women responsible for household tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and childcare. They were also responsible for a large share of agricultural work, including weeding and harvesting, for such common crops as rice.

Women of the nobility used to be influential in political scenes. This is partly because matrilineage was the means for a prince to become king particularly in the Wolof kingdoms. Such lingeer as Yacine Boubou , Ndate Yalla and her sister Njembeut Mbodji are hailed as inspirations for contemporary Senegalese women. In recent decades, economic change and urbanization has led to many young men migrating to the cities, such as Dakar.

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To walk through metropolitan centers like Dakar (Senegal), Bamako (Mali), of Islamic mysticism, which, dating back to the twelfth century, and predominant.

This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. We know Senegal as the westernmost point of Africa, a shipping point of the old slave trade, and, lately, the Dakar Rally and as West Africa’s most politically stable country where governments change democratically. This is not Al Qaeda turf. There are no hijabs in sight. But women are observant.

They pray at work and in the mosques, where, unlike in some Muslim lands, they are welcome. What’s most striking about the women — more than their colourful long robes and matching turbans — is their confident bearing. They exhibit neither hostility nor deference to men. They seem their sovereign selves. They enjoy equality in property and other matters under a law that’s a fusion of the sharia and the French civil code.

Singing and dancing are integral parts of life. Youssou N’Dour, the singer, songwriter and band leader whose keening, haunting voice transcends the language barrier to touch audiences the world over, learned to perform with his mother, a griot singer of oral songs dating back to pre-Islamic times. Music here is infused with the spirituality of the Islamic Sufi sects to which most Senegalese belong.

Touba, kilometres north of Dakar, is where the sect’s founder Shaikh Ahmadou Bamba Mbacke is buried.

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Further Man Politics Mar. Is Ousmane Sonko dating future of Senegalese politics? Movie Night May. Culture Oct. Movie Outspoken Oct.

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Senegalese authorities arrested men who were attempting to introduce a more radical form of Islam into the country last month. He also banned the use in Senegal of the full veil or niqab , which obscures the face and much of the body, versus the hijab, which covers the hair. And yet Senegal can serve as an example to Western countries as to how to practice religious tolerance and inclusion. The veil occupies a contentious place in some African and European countries.

For instance, the Republic of Chad in Central Africa recently made wearing the niqab illegal because it was being used to conceal explosives and carry out attacks for Boko Haram. Similarly, France has banned the use of veils in the form of niqabs and burkas in public, and veils as well as other religious symbols, such as crosses, are not welcome in schools.

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Abstract Every year on the 5 th of September, the Murid brotherhood of Senegal re-members a prayer conducted by Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba, founder of the brotherhood. This prayer was said by the Saint when tried and condemned to exile by the French colonial authorities. This article presents a history of the Prayer and an ethnography of the pilgrimage that Murid disciples undertake to commemorate this prayer as an act of resistance against the colonial regime. Suggesting that the Prayer performs a range of different temporalities while it is itself framed by the Gregorian calendar, the article suggests that the Prayer produces a hybrid subjectivity of belonging to both Muslim brotherhood and Senegalese nation.

The article demonstrates how the Senegalese nation is produced through remembrance, rather than historicism. For this reason the island of Saint-Louis is now listed as a unesco World Heritage site. An annual commemoration of a prayer performed in by a Senegalese Saint, Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba, derives its significance precisely from the backdrop of this colonial architecture. The annual commemoration attracts tens of thousands of pilgrims, some of whom visit the cell where Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba was incarcerated following his act of defiance.

For several days, the central square of Saint-Louis is decorated with images of the Muslim Saint and seems entirely appropriated by the Murid brotherhood. In order to frame the commemoration let me start with some reflections on pilgrimage. As rituals of movement, pilgrimages often frame travel as a movement through secular space to a sacred place.

Metaphorically, travel through space is often understood as a movement from the present to the past. Pilgrimage is travel through space and time. The pilgrimage is productive in the sense that this liminal moment of communion with the past actually transforms the relationship of the present to the past 2.

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Please refresh the page and retry. In a split second, 15 people were killed and 80 maimed. The government of the West African country responded last July with a measure that elsewhere might have been seen as draconian: it simply banned the burqa. The following month, Cameroon also banned the burqa in its northern region, the area where Boko Haram attacks have driven tens of thousands from their villages. M ost of the people of Chad and Niger are Muslims: they comprise 53 per cent and 80 per cent of their populations respectively.

In Cameroon, Muslims are a minority of 25 per cent nationally, but a majority in the region where the burqa was banned.

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The country takes its name from the river that runs along its northern and eastern borders, forming the frontier with Mauritania and Mali. A poetic etymology from the Wolof people states that the name derives from the local term Sunugal, meaning “our dugout canoe” everyone is in the same boat. The Republic of Senegal became independent in after three centuries of French colonial rule. Dakar, the capital since independence in , lies on the Cap Vert peninsula, the most westerly point in Africa.

Although predominantly Muslim, Senegal is a tolerant secular state, whose peoples have lived together peacefully for several generations and have intermingled to some extent. Islam is a potential unifying factor. Wolof is the national language. The spread of education and increased economic opportunity have modified a traditional social structure based on kinship, but the majority of the people adhere to the traditional values of Kersa respect for others and Tegin good manners.

Terranga hospitality is a common word used by almost all of the country’s twelve ethnic groups.

Senegal’s booming Muslim fashion industry

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